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  • What can I custom order?
    We take requests for almost anything you can think of (related to our product line of course!) Some examples of what we offer are: - Laser engraving & CNC work - Personalized engraving on wood planters - Unique shapes & dimensions for planters (letters, symbols, etc.) - Vcarved & engraved wood signs - Unique wood shape cut outs - Macrame pot holders & macrame shelving in custom lengths, colors & shapes Just fill out our special request & custom order form or send us your questions through email, and we'll let you know if we can make it happen!
  • What are the benefits of having wood sealant applied to the inside & outside of my planter?
    Wood sealant helps protect your wooden planter from water and sun damage, which can help prolong the life of your planter. It can also reduce discoloration from aging, allow for easier water cleanup, and help minimize water leakage. Plus, it leaves a great smooth finish on your planter!
  • What are the benefits of having silicone applied to the inside of in my planter? Is it safe for plants?
    Along with sealant, silicone helps minimize water leakage through the joints of your planter. Once cured, silicone is completely inert and safe for plants, pets, and people.
  • Do the DIY kits & succulent arrangements come with cuttings or rooted succulents?
    All DIY kits and succulent arrangements include only rooted succulents.
  • What type of soil do you use in your succulent arrangements?
    We use a locally sourced organic cactus and succulent soil that provides great moisture retention and drainage for your arrangement.
  • Do the succulents have enough room to grow in the arrangement?
    Absolutely! Although they are tighly arranged, they will still grow over time and some may even need pruning. Fortunately, living so close to each other in your arrangement only slows down their growth which means you get more time to enjoy your arrangement without it looking overgrown! Also, most succulents adapt to the size of their container.
  • Don't succulents need drainage? Why do you offer sealed boxes with no drainage?
    Our sealed wooden planters were designed with interior decor in mind where water leakage would be undesirable. We seal our planters with wood sealant and silicone to minimize water leakage. With that in mind, yes, succulents do thrive in drier conditions in comparison to other types of plants but not necessarily do they need drainage to accomplish those conditions. Since our planters do not have drainage holes, you will have to water less frequently because the soil may take longer to dry out in between waterings, making it less maintenance for you. Always be sure to check the soil before watering to ensure it is ready to be watered (we recommend using a moisture meter). Also, keep in mind that we do our best to accomodate everyone! We offer wooden planters (unsealed or sealed) with drainage holes if requested on notes during checkout.
  • I saw a stain color I liked, but it isn't offered on your website. Can I order a wooden planter with this stain?"
    Yes of course, but to help ensure the best possible match please provide us with the brand and color name of your desired stain. If the exact match is avaliable to us we would be happy to make your vision come to life! If not, we will let you know prior to creating your planter and offer alternatives that we think are a close match. You are of course under no obligation to accept our suggestions and can cancel your order or request a different color if you wish. Also, it is good to keep in mind that different types of woods stain differently. Even staining two pieces of the same type of wood may result in slightly different appearances. This is a natural result of the different types of wood, as well as the wood grain on each individual piece. This is what makes each and every one of our wooden planters unique! Depending on the wood grain and type of wood that you saw, your wooden planter may look slightly different even if we use the exact same stain you requested.
  • What type of wood do you use? Can I request a specific type of wood?
    We use solid pine boards to construct our wooden planters and macrame shelves. The wood is cut to fit, sanded to a smooth finish, and stained/sealed to your liking. You can absolutely request a different type of wood! We love working with all kinds of woods (walnut, mahogany, cedar, etc.). Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on the type of wood you choose.
  • How long can I expect my custom order to take?
    The time frame to receive a custom order depends on the quantity ordered, as well as the size of the product. As a generalization, expect about an extra week for smaller orders, but to ensure a more accurate time frame make sure to fill out our special request & custom order form at the bottom of our home page. If you ordered one of our dovetail & sealed planters already listed on our website (and didn't request a different size) with custom engraving, the turn around time for these is always 2 weeks. If there is any delay in submitting artwork or approving the proofs we email you, then this may delay the making of your planter. Macrame takes 1-2 weeks depending on the size of the piece & any modification requests. Keep in mind, holidays & busier times of the year might affect these time frames.
  • When will my order be delivered?
    If you selected local delivery, your order will be delivered on a Friday. All our deliveries are done on Fridays (unless you requested a delivery on a different day). Deliveries typically start in the afternoon - evening but delivery timeframe will vary depending on how many orders we have to deliver that day. Keep in mind, if you placed an order for an item that has to be made for you, delivery will occur on whatever Friday your turn around timeframe listed in the product description falls in. For example: I ordered a planter engraved with a logo & an arrangement planted in it on January 28th, I emailed my logo in immediately after and received an email (within 3 business days) approving my logo or with proofs that I needed to approve. I reviewed & approved a proof that same day. Because the making of my planter takes 2 weeks from date ordered, I can expect my planter to be done February 11th and be delivered on the closest Friday, February 12th. If you selected shipping, the delivery day of your order will depend on the shipping method you selected during check out (priority, express, etc.). Once we have shipped your order, you will receive an email with your tracking information. Once a package has left our hands, unfortunately, we have no control over how long a package takes to arrive to you, therefore, tracking information is the best way to get an estimated delivery day from the shipping facility. Keep in mind, once your package is in the hands of the shipping facility, delays in shipping or damaged packages are out of our control & not our doing but we will gladly start a claim with the shipping facility for you once you have contacted us about the issue.
  • When can I expect my order to ship?
    The shipping day of your order will depend on the product you purchased. Each product lists a different turnaround time frame in the description, this time frame will also be listed under your confirmation email. Generally, custom planters & macrame are made to order, so you can expect them to ship after 2 weeks. If an order contains only succulents, your order will be packaged and shipped within 1-3 days. We like to ship succulent orders out earlier in the week, to avoid the succulents spending additional time in a dark box during the weekend. So if your order was placed during the weekend, you can expect it to ship out at the start of the following week. A planter with a succulent arrangement with a 2 week turnaround time ending on the weekend, will be shipped at the start of the following week.
  • Will my package arrive in good condition?
    We do our best to package our products as securely as possible using plenty of packaging material to ensure safe arrival to you. Unfortunately, harsh weather conditions and rough package handling by postal services are out of our control. That is why we offer our 48 hour guarantee as long as the shipping and return policies are followed. We will always work with you to make it right!
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