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Planter & Succulent Care


Succulents like a lot of light so if kept inside, placing them by a sunny window would be best. If a sunny window is not available then we recommend investing in a grow light. Signs your succulents aren't getting enough light may be stretching, losing their color, or turning towards light. 

If kept outside, make sure to keep them in a shady spot where they will not be exposed to full sun. Immediately exposing them to full sun might burn them and eventually kill them. To ensure they do not burn, they can be slowly acclimated to take more sun by gradually exposing them to more light over multiples weeks. If you find that your succulents are still burning in the area you have acclimated them to, consider using shade cloth to protect them from some of that harsh sun. 


Succulent Arrangements & DIY Kits

If you purchased an arrangement in one of our handmade wooden planters or a DIY Kit, it's a good thing to keep in mind that they do not have a drainage hole (unless you request one), therefore, the soil will retain water longer than a planter with a drainage hole. We recommend to water when the soil in your arrangement is completely dry. Watering with no more than about 1/3 of the soils volume in water will ensure your succulents won't be sitting in water which can lead to rot. We recommend watering your arrangement with the water bottles that we offer in our shop. These water bottles have a special spout that helps direct water to your succulents without making a mess and have measuring marks. For our smaller arrangements we use a full bottle (small size) and for larger arrangements we use a half to a full bottle (large size) about every 3-4 weeks in the winter and every week-2 in the summer.  Keep in mind, if your keeping it indoors your house temps will vary how often your arrangement will need water. If you are still unsure of when to water wait at least a few more days to water or better yet, use a moisture meter. Also, if you purchased a planter with moss as top dressing, you may have to lift a corner of it to water underneath it as moss can repel water and create a mess when water is poured on top of it.

Individual Succulents 

Succulents prefer their soil to be on the dry side. Therefore, we recommend waiting to water until the soil is completely dry or when the succulent leaves look wrinkly. It's a good thing to keep in mind that the smaller the pot, the faster the soil will dry. Sometimes if your succulent has gone bone dry for too long, the soil will start repelling water rather than absorbing it, in this case, placing your succulent in a bowl with water overnight will allow the soil to reabsorb it. If you purchased an individual succulent from us, most likely it came in a plastic nursery pot, if you are going to repot, we recommend repotting into a pot that is no more than 2-3 inches bigger than the plastic pot it came in. A sign a succulent is ready to be repotted is roots coming out of the bottom drainage holes. 

Mini Planters 

 Our Mini Planters are made so that our 2" succulents and their plastic pots easily slide in and out for easy watering. We strongly recommend removing the succulent from the planter before watering & placing the succulent along with its plastic pot into a plate/bowl of water over night. The next morning, simply remove, allow to drip dry, and place back into the mini planter!


Succulent Arrangements

As your arrangement grows, some succulents might start trailing out of the planter and look a bit overgrown. If you don't like this look, you may trim your succulent arrangement and plant these cuttings wherever you'd like to make more succulents (just remember to allow them to callous over before putting them into soil). As succulents grow they dry and drop the older leaves, you may pick these dead leaves off of your succulent or wait for them to fall off naturally. 

Wooden Planters

Since our planters are made from solid wood, small amounts of warping or splitting may occur depending on frequency of watering, temperature, and humidity level. To help prevent this, your wooden planter is sealed to prolong the life of the wood and protect it from water and sun damage. Overtime, this may wear down. You may reseal your planter with a coat of spar urethane or simply allow the wood to age for a more rustic look 
(or you can always buy a new one 😉).  

Make sure to wipe off any water droplets that may get on your planter as you water. With proper maintenance, you can expect your wooden planter to keep it's look for years!


Additional Things To Note

  • We apply 4 layers of sealant to all of our prearranged wooden planters, DIY kits and custom made planters.

  • We apply silicone to the inside joints of all of our prearranged wooden planters and custom made planters.

*If you still need help caring for your succulents or planter feel free to email us or message us on Instagram or Facebook!*

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