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4" Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora 'Paddle Plant' //'Flapjacks'

Will be shipped in pot shown, fully rooted.


***PLEASE NOTE: You will receive the SAME SPECIES of succulent, but it may not be the exact one used for the picture. Flowers and flower stalks may or may not be on your succulent, as it is completely natural for plants to grow/drop flowers over the seasons. 


Also, please be aware that you are ordering a live plant that will be shipped in a dark box; it may lose some of its color/shape, but it will recover with proper care. Additionally, the shipping process is not known to be gentle, so your plant may need some TLC upon unboxing to look its best. We pack all of our succulents with care and an ample amount of padding to make its journey to you is as smooth as possible.

4" Kalanchoe Thyrsiflora 'Paddle Plant' //'Flapjacks'

  • Please read our FAQ and 24 hour guarantee on live plants prior to purchasing!

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