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Heart planters either empty or planted with a succulent arrangement make great gifts!

Planters are made of redwood/cedar (depending on what we currently have in stock) which are naturally rot and pest resistant!


The heart planters come in small or large size options.

Small is 9"  tall and comes with approximately 5-6 succulents, depending on their size.

Large is 13" tall and comes with approximately 20-25 succulents, depending on their size.


If you'd like to display your heart planter hanging vertically, installed hanging hardware and string is an option. The hanging hardware will be two D-rings installed on the back of your planter and the string will be nylon wire installed on the inside of your planter so that the succulents and soil don't fall out of your planter when hung.


If purchasing a planted heart, a succulent arrangement will be planted in your choice of heart size using a variety of fully rooted succulents in organic succulent soil and top dressed with spanish moss. We highly suggest purchasing the hanging hardware if your planter will be planted & displayed vertically. The hanging hardware helps keep the succulents and soil in place.

Succulents will vary depending on availability but will be a variety in color, texture and species.


Planters will be branded on the back with our logo.


If you're looking to purchase a heart planter as part of a DIY kit, take a look at our DIY Succulent Heart Kits listing!

Heart Planters

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