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Shipping & Returns

We ship plants Monday - Wednesday and Monday - Friday for all other products (excluding holidays or events posted on our website). We ship orders with plants earlier in the week to help avoid the plants spending additional time in a dark box during the weekend. The shipping day of your order will depend on the product you ordered and the turnaround time listed under the product description & your confirmation email. Read our FAQs for more info regarding shipping.

All shipments are carefully packaged with packaging material to ensure the product will be safe upon arrival to you. Unfortunately, harsh weather and rough handling by postal services are out of our control. That is why we offer our 48 hour quality guarantee.  

48 Hour Quality Guarantee*

This guarantee applies to our plants and products up to 48 hours after delivery. If there is a problem with your order, we will make it right. Just email us a photo of the damaged/incorrect product or plant before the 48 hour period is over. If we determine that the damage was a result of shipping delays or the mishandling of the shipping facility, we will start a claim for you and ask that you keep everything including packaging, shipping label, dead succulents, damaged product, etc. until your case has been resolved.

Our Guarantee Covers The Following:

Our Guarantee Does Not Cover The Following:

  • Incorrect Product

  • Missing Product

  • Damaged Wooden & Macrame Products

  • Dead Succulents

  • Broken Succulent Stems

  • Root Rot

  • Natural expansion & shrinkage of wood products

  • Imperfections on wood products

  • Damage from improper consumer handling or failure to follow included directions

  • Dried & wilting bottom leaves on succulents (succulents naturally drop their bottom leaves as they age)

  • A few broken or fallen leaves (some succulents will drop a few leaves during transit)

*Will only apply if package is retrieved and opened within 24 hours of delivery. Also, a picture must be emailed to us before the 48 hour period is over. If your order shows "delivered" and you have not received anything you must also email us within the 48 hour period.

Return Policy

If you change your mind and would like to return your undamaged product for a full refund please email us. Please be aware that you are responsible for shipping costs as well as any damage that may result from improperly packaging the product. We will not accept returns on custom orders.

Payment Method

We accept all major credits cards, Paypal and gift cards.

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